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Supporting a Client with their First Sustainability Report

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

We have recently worked with a FTSE 250 Main Contractor to support them in the development of their first sustainability strategy and were asked to support them in the process of developing their first sustainability report. The report would act as a key tool for stakeholder engagement and would act as a framework for future reporting.

Through the development of the report we:

  • Developed a report structure and full content

  • Established data baselines for the sharing of progress towards targets in the first and subsequent sustainability reports

  • Development of sustainability case studies to evidence the impact stories of the strategy

  • Worked with a third party for the audit and verification of data

Throughout the process BayNel worked closely with the newly appointed Sustainability team to ensure that a reporting framework and processes were established to allow the client to lead on the development of future reports.

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