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Materiality Report

BayNel were recently appointed to support a listed housebuilder to develop their materiality report. The materiality process itself had been undertaken by another consultancy, and the client had asked BayNel to review the process and issues identified and develop their formal Materiality Report. As part of the services delivered BayNel:

  • Reviewed the materiality process undertaken by a third party​, including all stakeholder feedback

  • Reviewed and ratified the material issues identified through the process​

  • Developed a formal materiality report for publication on the plc website

BayNel were able to work with the client to review and understand the material issues that had been identified by a third party. BayNel also produced the formal materiality report for publication on the plc website and will form part of a broader stakeholder engagement process. The issues identified through the process were also mapped against the current sustainability framework to identify gaps and opportunities in the current framework.

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