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Sustainable Procurement & the crucial role of MSMEs

From one MSME - Happy #msmeday! (Micro, small & medium Enterprise) There are nearly 6 million MSMEs in the UK providing employment opportunities, economic growth and delivering innovative solutions. The UN estimates that MSMES contribute 50% of global GDP.

Over four years ago we founded our own MSME, a female led ESG & Sustainability consultancy, providing tailored solutions to a range of businesses large and small. We have seen first-hand both the opportunity and challenges that MSMEs face such as accessing opportunities, onboarding and payment terms. That’s why we are committed to working with businesses of all sizes, to develop and implement sustainable procurement strategies that create opportunities for MSMEs and drive supplier diversity. We’ve developed supply chain policies, onboarding processes, supplier monitoring and the provision of training and support to MSMEs.

It’s an issue we are extremely passionate about, having experienced these challenges, but more importantly the opportunity it presents to support businesses in delivering against their sustainability goals and driving towards the delivery of the #sdgs.

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