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ESG Aligned Reporting and Disclosures

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The regulatory and non-regulatory ESG disclosure landscape continues to evolve at pace. For businesses large and small, ensuring they remain compliant and aligned with best practice can be challenging.

We have recently supported a global energy provider to undertake a review of their annual Sustainability report to ensure that it aligned with all relevant ESG regulatory reporting requirements and non regulatory reporting frameworks most relevant to their sector i.e., GRI, SASB, CDP etc.

In completing the review, we undertook:

  • A detailed schedule of all relevant regulatory and non-regulatory reporting requirements and disclosure requirements ​

  • Benchmark review of 2022 Sustainability Report to identify gaps and alignment with regulatory and non-regulatory reporting requirements

BayNel were able to meet our clients' compressed timelines prior to publication of their Sustainability report and provide detailed analysis on the gaps and alignment of their sustainability report with relevant ESG reporting requirements. This has provided a framework and checklist for future reporting cycles to ensure best practice.

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