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Providing Interim Support as a Cost-Effective Solution While Recruiting for a FTE

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The race for Net Zero, increasing ESG reporting and disclosure regulations etc has resulted in significant challenges for businesses looking to source experienced sustainability candidates. We have been working with a number of clients on an interim basis to support them in maintaining their sustainability position, providing strategic supports and meeting reporting requirements while they recruit for an FTE.

We have recently worked with a FTSE 100 manufacturing company on a 9-month retainer to support the business on a 3 day a week basis to support them in the launch and integration of their sustainability framework while they recruited for a Head of Sustainability. During the contract we were responsible for:

  • Action planning and target setting

  • Development of business unit integration plans

  • Legislative and regulatory review

  • Policy development

  • Conflict Minerals Policy Development

  • TCFD reporting

We worked with the senior leadership team of the business units and Head of Investor Relations to develop a 9-month support plan, which included engagement with the business units to integrate the sustainability framework into their respective business units. Support was also provided to the business during the recruitment process, including participating in candidate interviews.

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